08 November 2021

LADA sport ROSNEFT: bright victories on the Formula 1 track

The LADA Sport ROSNEFT team won 4 championship titles at once, two personal and two team titles, following the results of the 2021 season of the Russian Ring Racing Series. The final stage of the competition was held in the end of October at the Sochi Autodrom. Moreover, in some classes, the fate of the championship titles was determined literally in the last laps of the race.

In "Touring", the most prestigious class of domestic circuit racing, LADA Sport ROSNEFT pilot and current series champion Kirill Ladygin had a 31-point advantage over the nearest of his competitors before the final. And when he showed only 8 time in qualifying, it became clear that the pass to this title would not be easy. The outcome of the season's result was eventually decided by the second turn of the first race, in which Ladygin's main rival dropped out of the fight for victory, flying off the track. In this situation, Kirill just needed to confidently reach the finish line, which he coped with brilliantly, winning the second championship title in a row. It is also worth noting the excellent performance in Sochi of Ladygin's partner Mikhail Mityaev, who won the morning race and then won bronze in the evening race. This allowed the LADA Sport ROSNEFT pilot to enter the top three of the strongest participants in the class for the whole of 2021. The victory in the team competition also remained with the LADA Sport ROSNEFT team.

The speed of domestic LADA Vesta 1.6T sedans of the "Super-Production" class was demonstrated to the rivals already on Saturday. Vladimir Sheshenin became the winner of the qualification, and on Sunday he already entered to the podium twice: to the second and third steps. However, this was not sufficient for the title of champion, because, unfortunately, during the season the fight was not only on the tracks, which led to the loss of decisive points at one of the stages.

The most interesting story was in the "Touring-Light" class. On the eve of the stage, LADA Sport ROSNEFT pilot Ivan Chubarov lost more than 20 points to his main competitor Pyotr Plotnikov. And to win the championship, it was necessary to spend this race weekend flawlessly. Ivan started his way to the title on Saturday, showing the best lap time in qualifying. Then there was a confident start and a lead to the finish in the first race. Before the second race, Plotnikov's advantage was reduced to only 4 points. But he started higher, and the judges decided to add an additional 20 kilograms of ballast to the weight of the LADA Granta racing cars. And even this did not stop Chubarov: a great start, a breakthrough from 8th place to first, a second victory in one day and such a coveted championship title. Chubarov's teammate also proved to be a real fighter: in both races Leonid Panfilov started from the 11th position, "stitched" the peleton, and in the second race he finished on the podium. These results allowed LADA Sport ROSNEFT to become the best team of the "Touring-Lite" class.

The season of the Russian Ring Racing series is over. But the season is not over for the LADA Sport ROSNEFT team, which will visit Sochi Autodrom again at the end of November to take part in the final race of the WTCR World Cup.

I am very happy about this championship! This season I was very lucky - both with reverses and with opponents who made a lot of mistakes. But we were always there to take advantage of these mistakes. We worked 100%, there was speed, everything worked out. Thanks to the entire LADA Sport ROSNEFT team, our partners from the Rosneft oil and gas company and the SMP Racing program for their great support and trust. In less than a month we will be back here again. And today's competition was a great workout before the WTCR World Cup final. It won't be easy, but it will be very interesting. We will definitely not be the last, but we will have to try: the weight of the cars will be very large, plus we will have to get used to new tires in a short period of time.

Kirill Ladygin, 2-time champion of Russia in the "Touring" class  

It turned out to be a very cool season, there were a lot of positive moments. In the middle of the season, our speed was significantly reduced, I was deprived of victories twice and it seemed almost impossible to compete for the championship title. But still managed to bring the matter to a victorious end. This Sochi stage turned out to be the most difficult, first of all, in psychological terms. We came here with a big gap in points, we understood that there were not many chances, even after winning the morning race, it seemed so. But in the end, Leonid Panfilov and I gave just incredible results! This is one of my heaviest titles, I have never been in the role of catching up. The more valuable is this victory for me, with what I congratulate our entire team!

Ivan Chubarov, Russian champion in the "Touring-Light" class

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